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Fourayes Farm

The Fourayes factory is surrounded by approximately 100 acres (32 hectares) of English Bramley apple orchards.

The oldest current Bramley apple orchard was planted in 1984 and we have three types of rootstock – most trees are on M9 or M26 although we do have a small area of M27. We also use several different varieties of apple tree for pollination.

Our orchards are high up on the North Downs at 450 feet above sea level. Bramley apples respond well to being grown at this height and we prune the trees a little lighter in order to keep a Bramley apple size range between 70mm and 105mm in diameter.

Leading the way with close planting

As each orchard comes to the end of its natural life, we have been replacing them with a revolutionary close-planted format. The first of these orchards was planted in December 2008 and found fame on BBC South East news. The format allows for better land utilisation, for more light to reach each apple as well as making pruning, tree management and picking more efficient. It’s a great new way to grow the best quality English Bramley apples.

Join Swailey in the Fourayes Orchards at Harvest time.

Orchards through the Seasons

Swailey’s Orchard Report

Orchard Report Autumn 2019

November 8th, 2019|

Orchard Report Fourayes Farm: Autumn 2019 At the time of writing, we have just finished the Bramley harvest which started very dry, sometimes very hot and dusty, until 24th September when the heavens opened. By the end of the Bramley harvest we have had 100mm of rain. This turned the [...]

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