Family Business, Strong Values

Fourayes is a third-generation family-owned and operated business and is also the UK’s number one grower and processor of fruit.

We may be big, but our family values mean we also care – a very great deal.

In fact, Fourayes MD, Phil, was born on the farm, lives on the farm and walks a whole 150m to work each day.

Our factory is BRC rated to the highest standards and our Bramley apple orchards, together with all the nearby farms we buy our fruit from, are Red Tractor Farm Assured.

You wouldn’t buy British fresh fruit that didn’t meet the Red Tractor standards for care of the environment, caring for workers and growing excellence so why would you expect anything less in the cooked foods you eat?

We invest in the technologies that will give our customers the very best results. We develop new ways of growing and we’re relentless in always trying to be better at what we do, every single day.

Because we grow, as well as process, fruit we have a wealth of experience in selecting the right product, and the right processing, to deliver the results our customers have in mind.

It’s the reason we call ourselves Fruiticians and it’s why we’re ‘passionate about doing beautiful things with fruit’.

Fourayes is always flexible to meet our needs… Sometimes, during our promotions, there is a 300% increase in demand, and they are always able to meet this. The two companies have had a strong, trusting partnership spanning 17 years and we know each other’s businesses inside out.

J. Stonehouse