Bramley apple orchard

Customer day - harvest 2013

We invited our customers to visit our farm and factory during our apple harvest 2013.

Sarah Darlington from Darlington and Daughters has been producing high quality curds, jams, chutneys and sauces for over 30 years.

Sarah Darlington Darlington and Daughters from Fourayes Fruit Processing on Vimeo.

Helen Keast from Isleport Foods is in the process of launching a new product using Fourayes jams.

Helen Keast Isleport Foods from Fourayes Fruit Processing on Vimeo.

John Griffin from Griffin Foods was impressed with Fourayes' sense of innovation.

John Griffin from Griffin Foods from Fourayes Fruit Processing on Vimeo.




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We’d like to give you as much notice as possible and work with you to minimise the inconvenience over the 2018/19 festive season.

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Winner of the Desserts and Puddings category using a Fourayes product. more »

Our Autumn / Winter edition is now available to download.

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This time, unlike almost everyone else it seems, I’m going to refrain from talking about Brexit; except to say it’s great news that SAWS (the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme) has been reintroduced, at least for the short term, to attract the labour that’s essential for harvesting many British crops.

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