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Utterly Fruity

Utterly Fruity is another jewel in the Fourayes product portfolio crown. Utterly amazing, it never freezes!

Some time ago we were approached by a number of our customers who wanted to use fresh Bramley apple in particular baked goods but who found that, in those products, the moisture was drawn from the fruit, spoiling the finished creation; or simply that the fresh apple pieces weren’t able to survive the harsher mixing and baking processes.

Fourayes Food Development likes a challenge, and this was certainly a challenge! The resulting Utterly Fruity is a true ‘game-changer’ that enables delicious pieces of Bramley apple to be, at last, found in products such as speciality breads and cakes – retaining all the mouth-feel and great taste of the fruit.

But it doesn’t stop there. Utterly Fruity is equally at home in products such as ice cream, where it never freezes, but retains the fresh-fruit texture and remains full of amazing apple flavour.

And if Utterly Fruity Bramley apple doesn’t meet your particular needs we’ve gone way beyond fruit with Utterly Fruity Beetroot, Carrot or Cranberry. Hover over the images below to see the product close-up.

Utterly Fruity Beetroot in Bagels

Utterly Fruity Carrot in Bagels

Utterly Fruity Cranberry in Muffins

Thank you to Puratos UK for the photography.

If you’re wondering about the name it’s simple: utterly delicious, utterly flexible and utterly unbeatable. It has to be Utterly Fruity!

In fact, Utterly Fruity is so utterly incredible that we’ve teamed up with leading bakery and patisserie ingredients specialist Puratos UK to make sure Utterly Fruity is seen in all the right places!

For more information, or to talk about your own specific Utterly Fruity product and packaging requirements please to contact our Utterly Fruity Experts below.

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Utterly Fruity Bramleys
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Utterly Amazing Utterly Fruity

Utterly Fruity takes English Bramley apple into new areas of baking

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