Processed English Bramley Apple

Straight from the orchard to processing and delivery. 
At Fourayes we grow, harvest, store and process English Bramley apples that come from our own orchards and other local growers. This means we can control quality from orchard to finished product.

Click here to download our specification sheet on English Bramley apples.

Leaders in apple growing and processing innovation
Fourayes has invested just over £100,000 in a new 12 acre orchard by close planting Bramley apple trees, where the yields are far greater than in older orchards where trees are planted further apart. Further investment in a state of the art apple peeling plant has led to higher quality products and greater efficiencies.

We also have the very best on site and off site ultra low oxygen stores to maintain our fruit to exceptional quality levels throughout the year. Low oxygen stores slow down the process of ripening so we can control when the apples are ready to use without the use of chemicals. We have room for around 3000 tonnes.

Fourayes' Bramley apple products

English Bramley apple can be supplied in a wide variety of formats, from regular diced to segments and irregular cuts that give that home made touch. Our products include:

> Regular diced: choose 10mm or 15mm Bramley apple to deliver uniformity for dedicated lines

> Segments: select 1/8th, 1/12th or 1/16th sliced Bramley apple to give a professional touch to bakery and dessert products

> Irregular cuts: choose Farmhouse cut or Chunky cut to give a home made feel to pies and crumbles

That is not all, at Fourayes we offer a wide selection of options; just call us and we will discuss a format to suit your own particular applications.

Why not order a sample to try?
Our fast-turnaround sampling service guarantees samples of 1-2kg normally within 3 working days.

Your contact at Fourayes

Contact Carl Vasse, our Account Director to discuss your requirements or order some samples.

Email Carl at

Or call Carl on 01622 884 230

Click here to download our specification sheet on English Bramley apples.

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