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Delicious Mincemeat

Made with Kentish apples, our mincemeat is simply mouth-watering

The fact that all our Bramley apples are English-grown or Kentish-grown is a great addition to any label. To that we add Turkish sultanas and raisins, Greek currants and mixed peel from Italy for the most succulent, high quality, ready-to-use products with, or without, the addition of branded, or unbranded, alcohol.

Choose from a range of delicious mincemeats, from Classic to Superior, to meet your specific product needs; or choose the King of mincemeats: Plumptious – plump, juicy, tangy and unbeatable.

We created Plumptious in response to the fact that award-winning mincemeats tend to be selected because of their plumpness, juiciness and their mouth-wateringly shiny look. Plumptious uses a proprietary ‘pre-plumping process’, created by our Fourayes Food Development team, that results in the best looking, best tasting, plumpest, juiciest mincemeat. It’s a ‘cut above’ even a cut above!

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Plumptious Mincemeat

Our Proprietary Pre-Plumping Process makes our Plumptious mincemeat incredible

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