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The Finest Raw Materials

The Bramley apples in our mincemeat carry English or Kentish provenance - a great label addition. We use the very best raw materials to create high quality, ready to use products.

• Turkish sultanas and raisins

• Greek currants

• Mixed peel from Italy

• Other top quality ingredients by request

We can also use branded alcohols or other additions as required in order to create your own distinctive mincemeats. The high capacity plant ensures volume and control: Fourayes industrial mincemeats can be found in products in many high quality retailers and Food Halls. We offer "state of the art", high tolerance computer enhanced manufacturing together with controlled environment storage if maturing is required.

Fourayes Mincement Developments

The FFD Team are constantly working on new recipes, designed to encourage consumers to buy, try and enjoy products with mincemeat fillings all year round. We have tested and and trialled many combinations, but have recently produced two of the best new mincemeat recipes we’ve ever tasted!

Our Eastern Promise mincemeat includes lemon, dates, figs and orange blossom to create a mince pie filling that’s as good as its name implies.

While our Light Touch mincemeat is a lighter product created using mincemeat as an inclusion in a cranberry or apple filling to appeal to the younger audience and those who don’t currently buy mince pies.

Of course all of our mincemeats offer great quality at great prices so if our Eastern Promise or Light Touch aren’t for you then we’d be happy to offer you one of a number of alternatives, or even to create a mince pie filling just for you. And because we use English Bramley apple in all of our mincemeats you’re guaranteed a great British provenance that goes back centuries.

Email fruit@fourayes.com for more.

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