aseptic jams and purees for commercial bakeries

Aseptic puree and jams

Fourayes installed the first aseptic fruit processing plant in the UK, manufacturing commercial aseptic purees and jams and it is our biggest growth area. Aseptic means NO preservatives.

Aseptic purees
> Aseptic purees are production ready, which saves time and cost
> Fourayes Aseptic Bramley apple puree can be transported and stored ambient
> Fourayes Aseptic fruit puree is transported and stored chilled and can be kept for up to a year
> All Fourayes Aseptic fruit puree is “flash cooked” which means it is heated very fast then cooled very fast to maintain colour, quality and flavour
> Most of our Bramley apple and fruit purees are Kentish

Aseptic Jams
Aseptic jam is made from aseptic puree. We can make aseptic jam from any fruit but our best seller is Kentish strawberry jam.

We keep costs low and quality high by buying our fruit from farmers local to us, many of whom we’ve known for 60 years!

Choose from 20 kilo packs to 200 kilo barrels or I tonne Pallecons. Minimum order 600 kilos.

We are well known for our fast turnaround sampling service, which offers 2 kilo pouches sampling normally within 3 working days.

Email for more on our aseptic products or to request a sample.


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We’d like to give you as much notice as possible and work with you to minimise the inconvenience over the 2018/19 festive season.

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