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Commercial & Bakery Jams, Conserves, Preserves, Confectioneries & Glazes

Fourayes manufactures commercial jams and preserves for bakeries on an industrial scale. Our jam makers use best-tasting fruit for a range of conserves including Bramley apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Rhubarb and other fruits. Or try our 'Hint of Blossom' flavour range. With many of our products, Kentish provenance comes as standard!

Since 1953, Fourayes has been growing award winning English fruit and is now an award-winning UK market leader in commercial & Bakery jams and fruit processing. Quality is high and, thanks to lean manufacturing and a sophisticated high end production control system, costs are keen. The vacuum production plant produces superior quality commercial jam and bakery jam products with exceptional flavour, colour delivery and no caramelisation.

As with all processes at Fourayes, jam-making is subject to high levels of control and strict tolerances to ensure consistent quality, flavour and colour. Through recipe and process control we are able to provide products we are proud of. Fourayes commercial jams come in smooth (seeded and unseeded) and pump-able formats for use in bakery products such as doughnuts and scones, in products where spread ability is key such as celebration cakes, in baked products such as jam tarts and for specialised bake-stable products such as Bakewells and slices.

NB: Minimum order is 600kg

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