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At Fourayes we grow, harvest and process English Bramley apples from our own orchards, as well as buying fruit from neighbouring growers, all of which are Red Tractor Farm Assured and have been working with us over the decades. Red Tractor is the minimum supermarket standard for UK-grown fresh fruit. In our book that means it should also be the minimum standard for fruit grown for use in baked goods too. Red Tractor covers everything from the way we manage the land to the way farm workers are looked after. It means we can control quality from orchard to finished product, and when it comes to provenance it really is hard to find a shorter supply chain.

Our new orchards are all ‘close-planted’ using a system that allows more natural light to reach more of the fruit more of the time. This helps us to use our land wisely, to gain quality and yield increases but it also to enables us to use more modern, and more efficient, pruning and picking techniques.

Fourayes English Bramley apples

Are grown with long-term storage as our goal. Add to that our world-beating fruit storage facilities, from Ultra-Low Oxygen to DCA. This means we are able to supply the very best English Bramley apple products all year round. Whether it’s regular diced, segments or irregular cuts, hot mix or cold mix, we’re confident we have just the right product for you.

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Processed Bramley Apples, Diced or Sliced

When it comes to cooking, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute, nothing beats a Bramley apple

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