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Fourayes Utterly Fruity  Apple range offers exceptional versatility, quality and keen pricing: another great innovation from Fourayes Food Development.

Since 1953, Fourayes has been growing great English fruit and is now a UK market leader in fruit processing; including Bramley Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, lemons, Limes and other soft fruits. Kentish provenance is included at no extra cost!

Fourayes offers the highest quality but thanks to lean manufacturing and a sophisticated high end production control system, costs are keen.

Description and applications
To create Fourayes Utterly Fruity Apple, we put our diced Bramley Apple through a proprietary process that . Delivers a unique product perfect for harshly baked products and those where leaching of moisture or flavour is an issue. Utterly Fruity is a soft eating, flavoursome fruit piece that retains these characteristics even after baking or processing for other products such as desserts.

In ice cream, Utterly Fruity never freezes. As a result it retains a moist, flavoursome nature that is a delight to eat.

Use in its original form for a burst of natural Bramley Apple or with added cinnamon for special occasions. Specify our fruit juice infused Utterly Fruity  Apple as an economical replacement for the natural fruit. Options include Utterly Fruity  Apple infused with Blueberry, Cherry and a host of other fruits.

Utterly Fruity  can be used in:

  • Bakery products such as cakes, scones, muffins or on baked slices
  • Ice-cream
  • Confections and preserves

Standard pack size is 15 kilo poly lined cartons.

We are well known for our fast turnaround sampling service normally within 3 working days.

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