Orchard Report Fourayes Farm: Spring 2016

We are heading into a late spring with another cold weekend ahead to slow things down again.

Our own winter was very wet, and March and early April were much the same. Much of the winter was mild but February changed to being cold, with quite a few frosts. Despite all of this we are ahead with our pruning, with very little left to finish now. We have almost completed the fertilisation with just the lime left to do, in order to balance valuable nutrients in the soil and adjust PH levels.

We have grubbed half our biggest Gala orchard (three and a half acres) and will soon plough and mark out for the new Bramley replacements for the area. The trees are already ordered at the nursery for the winter of 2016/17.

Our snow plough saw no use again this winter as we had almost no snow.

Looking around the farm we are seeing English and French partridges in pairs as well as Robins in pairs. Tiny young rabbits, known in Kent as Bolters, are now much in view and we are now seeing even more birds of prey; in particular buzzards and kestrels. We have yet to see swallows or hear the cuckoo. All the Best, From Ian Witherden and all at Fourayes Farm

All the best from
Ian Witherden and all 
at Fourayes Farm.