Job Title: Bramley Apple Fruit Pickers

Every year we look for reliable, fit and hard-working people to join the fruit picking team to bring in the Bramley Apple Harvest, from late August to October.

Reporting to: The Farm Manager, Swailey Love

Position: Seasonal late August to October every year

Hours: Flexible shifts, between 7am and 4pm

Salary: 2022 rate, £15 per full bin (average bins per day, per picker 4-6)

Experience: No experience is necessary as full training will be given

Rural Location: Pickers must have own, or reliable transport to site. There is NO overnight accommodation available for the 2022 season

Closing Date: Apply all year

Fruit Picking at Fourayes

Our Bramley apples are normally ready to pick from late August to the middle of October. These roles typically suit physically fit individuals, that are looking for seasonal or part-time & flexible work.

Flexible Shifts

We know that not everyone can commit to the full picking shift, 7am to 4pm. So this year we are introducing flexible shifts and staggered start times.

Start at 7am, 11am or 1pm and work for as many hours as you can manage. Just let our Farm Manager know when you want to start and finish. You’ll be paid for full bins completed.

To be confirmed: Accommodation is planned, but has yet to be confirmed.


For the ‘1st pick’ each picker is paid for full bins of Bramley apples at the required size. The 2022 rate is £15 per bin. Experienced pickers can fill up to one bin per hour. Bins will be checked to ensure that the apples meet the quality standards.

For the ‘2nd pick’ which normally commences at the end of September / beginning of October, the rate becomes hourly, as everyone works together to fill the central bins with the fruit that has grown to size during September. This rate will be minimum wage, or higher, depending on experience.

Employment status

Before commencing work we will require:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • Proof of identity (eg: passport or driving licence)
  • Proof of address (eg: bank statement or utility bill)
  • Contact details – name, telephone number & email address

You will then be paid as a ‘seasonal worker’ on a cash basis for bins, or hours completed on a daily basis. Each day’s pay will be assessed at the end of each working day, processed the following morning by our HR dept. and then paid to you once approved.

No tax or national insurance will be deducted from your payments, but you will be responsible for declaring your earnings, either to your main employer or the HMRC.

End of Season BBQ

At the end of the season ALL the pickers that have helped bring in the harvest will be invited to a BBQ on the farm. Fourayes will supply all food and drink as a special thank you to the Picking Team.

At the BBQ we will announce our ‘Picker of the Season’ for which there will be a cash prize. This will be judged on productivity, but also reliability and affability.

“Hard work, yes but I really enjoyed the fun and friendship amongst the pickers, it also gave me a great way to fill the time in-between school runs and the nature and wildlife I saw was amazing!” Alison, Champion Picker from Bicknor

“Fruit Picking at Fourayes is a great experience! What an amazing way to enjoy being outdoors and working hard, whatever the weather. The work is challenging and you will need to be prepared for a few aches after the 1st week. But once you get used to it, it’s great fun and boosted my bank balance for the next term at Uni” Josh from Sittingbourne


Send your CV to Swailey, our Farm Manager and he will be in contact to discuss training and start dates. Please remember to include your name, address, phone number & email, plus an outline of any previous experience.

Looking for something more permanent?

We are also recruiting for production line, warehouse and logistics staff in our factory, which is situated in the middle of our Bramley orchards.