Bramley apples stored in ultra low oxygen storage

Ultra Low Oxygen Storage

It is possible to have fresh Bramley apple available all year round...without the need for chemicals.

Going back, of course it simply wasn't: fruit was used 'in season' and anything that wasn't used went to waste. But not anymore. The secret lies in the way the Bramley apples are stored.

There are two main options: high CO2 storage and ultra low oxygen storage.

Some Bramley apple growers rely on high CO2 storage and use a substance known as diphenylamine or DPA to reduce the incidence of 'scald', a browning of the skin caused by over storing. However, DPA is now a banned substance under EU law. At Fourayes our choice has always been to invest in ultra low oxygen storage. Although the investment is higher, it offers many advantages and delivers fruit that retains its firmness of flesh and remains juicy and crisp. Ultra low oxygen storage is a state of the art technology with a long history...

The history of low oxygen storage technology
It all started way back in 1819 when Frenchman Jacques Etienne Berard discovered that fruit absorbs oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. He also proved that the fruit would not ripen without oxygen but continued to do so as soon as oxygen conditions were restored. In 1856 the first commercial storage facility was constructed but it wasn't until 1907 that an exhaustive and documented study of the effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide on fruit ripening was conducted.

Concern expressed by the British government about food shortages during the First World War led to further studies taking place in 1918 at Cambridge. In 1929 the Ditton laboratory was established by the Empire Marketing Board, close to the East Malling Research Station in Kent, as an outstation of the Cambridge Low Temperature Research facility.

In 1962, again in France, commercial scrubbed, low oxygen storage began in earnest, offering a natural way to slow the ripening of the fruit.

Ultra low oxygen storage today
Today's highly sophisticated ultra low oxygen stores ensure that Bramley apples are still available and in great condition right the way through to next season's crop. Another major advantage of ultra low oxygen storage is that it is a natural process that totally eliminates the need for DPA, or any other chemicals.

Award winning
Fourayes, as a 5 time winner of the Long Term Storage Award, has more ultra low oxygen storage facilities for Bramley apples than any other UK grower or processor, which means that Fourayes high quality English Bramley apples can be fully enjoyed in pies and desserts the whole year round.

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