Fruit processing factory near Sittingbourne Kent

Facilities and Storage

aseptic jam plant at commercial jam manufacturers Fourayes
Fruit processing facility

Ultra low oxygen stores for fruit processing

Situated in the Garden of England, Fourayes nestles in the middle of its own Bramley apple orchards near Sittingbourne in Kent. In fact we have one of the largest apple growing regions in the UK on our doorstep!

Close to both the M20 and the M2, our location is ideal for distribution throughout the UK and Europe.

Fourayes is relentless in its investment in its people and facilities. From its state-of-the-art DCA (Dynamically Controlled Atmosphere) and ultra low oxygen stores, keeping its apples in tip top condition, to its purpose built fruit processing facility; Fourayes has it covered.

Fourayes continues to make investment in the most advanced processing methods, enhancing current products and bringing new products to market. Nothing ever stands still at Fourayes; you only have to look at some of the fantastic jams or great aseptic fruit purees we produce to see that.

Our promise to continually re-invest in the business means our customers always stay ahead.

Another example of why Fourayes is "WAY BEYOND FRUIT".

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Our Autumn / Winter edition is now available to download.

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This time, unlike almost everyone else it seems, I’m going to refrain from talking about Brexit; except to say it’s great news that SAWS (the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme) has been reintroduced, at least for the short term, to attract the labour that’s essential for harvesting many British crops.

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This season red fruits were plentiful and good quality. The weather was good and with farmers now planting varieties to pick over ‘several months’ the small window of opportunity that used to exist to buy fresh strawberry or raspberry has gone.

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