Fourayes 60th anniversary

Fourayes History

Fourayes has come a long way since 1953 when Phil Acock’s grandfather (pictured above) purchased the farm at Bicknor in Kent. The following decades have seen a series of Fourayes innovations, combining vision with investment for the future.

John Acock in 1953 at Fourayes farm1950s
John Acock, Phil’s father was a natural entrepreneur and one of the first to offer a washed and delivered potato service for the farm’s local customers.

The first Bramley apple was peeled at Fourayes using pioneering semi-automatic machinery for paring, coring, slicing and processing called the Pease System. Fourayes was also first to install a fully automatic peeling system - the Atlas Pacific.

Fourayes was one of the first to launch a ‘Farm Gate’ service for the direct sales of apples and potatoes, as well as being an early ‘Pick-Your-Own’ provider for soft summer fruits, including strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, white currants, rhubarb and loganberries.

The investment in the first ultralow oxygen storage facilities in the country. A technology that still leads the way for apple storage today.

Phil managing director of Fourayes1990s
Phil took over from John as Managing Director and Fourayes developed the natural dip that prevents apples from going brown, without using preservatives. This dip is now the industry standard and it still the preferred method when processing. Fourayes also developed the hot-mix pie filling that required no further processing by the customer. The brand new state-of-the-art factory was commissioned with Fourayes becoming the largest UK fruit processor supplying processed apples, pie fillings and mincemeats.

A new dispatch area and pie filling centre were purpose built to further improve facilities.

Jam and Aseptic fruit purees were added to the already impressive portfolio of Fourayes’ products.

And way beyond - Fourayes continues to improve its facilities, invest in new technology and expand its range to meet the demands of the food industry.

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