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Rural Policy Report

Fourayes' MD Phil Acock joined the Q&A for the latest Rural Policy Group Report launch on 16th September 2021. Dealing with many of the most pressing challenges, and most important opportunities facing the rural economy and titled "The Interdependency of Sustainable Finance, Food, Health, & Environmental Social Governance (ESG) [...]

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Phil joins the Red Talk Panel on ‘Food after BREXIT’

Fourayes MD, Phil joined the Rural Policy Panel for the April RED Talk on the subject 'Food after BREXIT'This RED Talk took place on Thursday 15th April 2021 and celebrated the first anniversary of the 'Rural Economic Development' forums. Set up at the start of the [...]

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Phil’s March Blog – ‘Utterly marvellous’ that’s what I say…

‘Utterly marvellous’. It isn’t too often I get to say this but today I am utterly delighted. With good reason. Fourayes original Utterly Fruity has been an enormous success story. It enables our customers to use delicious fresh English Bramley apple pieces in bakery [...]

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Phil’s February Blog – How to Sight See

How to sight-see without breaking COVID-19 rules! During the last two weeks I’ve seen sights at Fourayes I never thought I’d see. I’ve seen our Sales Director making up product boxes, our Operations Manager trimming apple, our Quality Systems Manager multi-tasking ‘faster than a speeding [...]

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