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The UK’s largest fruit processor and commercial jam manufacturer for bakeries, desserts and dairy. Fourayes products include: fruit fillings, industrial jams, processed English Bramley apple (diced and sliced) & mincemeat – all manufactured at our site in our 100 acre Bramley Apple orchard in Kent.

The Fourayes Farm and Factory are located in Kent, and the factory is surrounded by 100 acres of our very own English Bramley apple orchards (where we grow our apples especially for long-term storage to ensure fresh English Bramley apple is available all year round).

BRC AA Certified
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Oct 2022: Fourayes Joins the Puratos Family

Fourayes Fruit Product Range; including Bramley Apple, Fruit Fillings & Commercial Jams

Family business, Strong values

Fourayes has come a long way since 1953 when Phil Acock’s grandfather (pictured opposite) purchased the farm at Bicknor in Kent. The succeeding decades have seen a host of incredible Fourayes innovations, combining vision with investment to build a great British business.

Fourayes’ History & Heritage

Swailey Love has spent his whole life in farming before joining us here at Fourayes and as Farm manager in 2020.

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Taking Care

Fourayes’ Food Development

Fourayes Farm have an international reputation for excellent and innovative fruit fillings and jam making. Our award-winning, third-generation family run business, works closely with you throughout the Fourayes Food Development programme. We pride ourselves on our speed of processing, solving challenging briefs and amiable work nature.

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