Fourayes 2020 Vision

Fourayes 2020 Vision

We’ve been working on Fourayes 2020 Vision for a while now and it’s something that we know will deliver enormous benefits to all our customers, our suppliers and our staff.

The Fourayes 2020 Vision logo is self-explanatory but the proven principles that underpin it are all-embracing.

Our aim is that Fourayes 2020 Vision ensures we always deliver dedicated expertise, fast turnaround, product innovation, new processes, new equipment, industry-leading performance, incomparable flexibility, exceptional products and single-minded purpose; all aligned with the current and future needs of our customers.

The way we’re achieving that requires a sharpness of vision and goals, and a single clear purpose and direction.

Put simply, ‘every single thing, that every single person, everywhere in the company does, contributes to a single-minded goal’.

In the 1960s President Kennedy sprang a surprise visit on Cape Canaveral space facility after announcing the US moon challenge. He encountered a number of people pushing brooms and asked them what they were doing. Only the third person he spoke to made him smile with satisfaction. The man put his broom to one side and said ‘I’m helping to put a man on the moon’.

That single-mindedness is the inspiration behind Fourayes 2020 Vision. It’s so powerful it can put a man on the moon!


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