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At Fourayes you will find the leading Aseptic fruit puree plant available in the UK today.

Since 1953, Fourayes has been a major grower of English fruit and is now a UK market leader in fruit processing; including Apple, Pear, Victoria plum, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant and other soft fruits. Kentish provenance comes at no extra cost.

All Fourayes Aseptic purees are ready to use straight away; no further processing is required, which means your costs can be controlled.

Although all Fourayes Aseptic products can be frozen if required, Fourayes Aseptic Bramley apple puree can be transported ambient whilst other Fourayes Aseptic fruit purees are chilled.

As a result, Aseptic purees can be stored in an ambient or chilled warehouse, eliminating the need for costly frozen storage. Additional handling can also be avoided by storing the product in a warehouse close to production facilities. Chilled or ambient Aseptic fruit purees are always production ready, to meet the demands of short deadline production.

Fourayes Aseptic fruit purees are "flash cooked" and immediately cooled to maintain colour quality and flavour.

Aseptic mean no preservatives - a major benefit for product labelling.

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