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At Fourayes we offer a wide range of fruit for dairy products, and our Bramley apple comes with the added advantage of English or Kentish provenance.

Since 1953, Fourayes has been a major grower of English Bramley apples and is now the leading apple based fruit processor in the UK. At Fourayes we talk about ‘way beyond fruit’ and our Fruit for Dairy range is an example of exactly that.

We use the best-possible quality fruit, quality-controlled to deliver exceptional results. Whilst the quality is high, thanks to lean manufacturing and a high degree of production control, the costs are keen.


• Single-fruit fillings such as Strawberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Rhubarb and Blueberry.

• Mixed-fruit fillings such as Peach Melba, Apricot & Peach, Mango & Passion Fruit, Fruits of the Forest, Summer Fruits and Winter Fruits etc.

• ‘Apple Plus’ fillings including Bramley apple with Blackberry, Blackcurrant or Raspberry

We also offer a range of “Ripples”. We use top-quality raw materials to prepare all Fourayes fruit fillings. Bespoke fillings can be created to meet the most exacting of standards and Kentish Bramley apple based aseptic purees are also available. In addition, our flexibility makes Fourayes the ideal choice for promotions or where order changes are likely.

Fourayes is an Assured Produce Grower, is rated BRC Grade A and is certified by the Organic Food Federation. We offer "state of the art", high tolerance computer enhanced manufacturing and controlled environment storage, coupled with a highly experienced technical support team.

Fruit for Dairy fillings are available from 10 kilo to 1 tonne.

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