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Latest Jam Innovations

At Fourayes we like to try new things and that includes new tastes and flavours. We hold regular tastings and if you would like to come and taste for yourself please give our sales team a call.

Fourayes invited Ian Dowding (the inventor of banoffee pie) and baking consultant Colin Lomax to comment on some of our latest jam innovations:

Blossom Jam

> Apple and Lavender. A big hit at fruit shows last summer "excellent"

> Rhubarb and Elderflower "a lovely combination" "Not acidic, as rhubarb on its own can sometimes be"

> Lemon Curd with Raspberry "a lovely even balance between the two tastes Blackcurrant and lemon" "We think this would work well in a corner yoghurt"

Savoury Jams

> Apricot and chilli "Just lovely"

Next up!

We are now looking at vanilla and peach, peach and coriander and chilli with everything!



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