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Jan 30, 2013

Spring 2012

Starting at minus eleven and startng to look wet and windy, but 1,500 new trees planted.

At the time of writing we are edging into a cold, wet spring with blossom just around the corner, I hope this improves.

We had a drier than average winter and generally milder for the most part with February being the coldest month with snow arriving on the 5th. Our snow plough was very busy on that day. The weather, however, was very cold by the end of that week when we recorded minus eleven here at Fourayes.

A couple of weeks ago I had a request to help Dr.Theresa Huxley plant some apple trees in her “Huxley Concept Orchard” at Hadlow college. A fun day was had by all concerned. The working team was made up of Theresa’s work colleagues from Sainsbury’s, a small group from Hadlow College, myself and a few other growers. The concept orchard is a gift to the future of fruit growing. Let’s hope the students make good use of it.

Here at Fourayes, we have applied our lime to a couple of orchards and fertilizer has been spread for this year’s crop. Our pruning is almost completed and our two new Bramley orchards were planted in December amounting to another 1,500 Bramley trees.

Fourayes wildlife
Our wildlife on the farm is having mixed fortunes. We have an abundance of pheasants here and our English Partridges are pairing up for the spring. Buzzards are now a common sight on the farm but on the minus side we have not heard the cuckoo yet and poachers have thinned our hare population. Finally our bees will be arriving soon with 50 hives to help with the pollination in what looks to be a difficult spring.

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