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Feb 14, 2018

Phil's February Blog 2018

Should you update your corporate video monthly?

Our corporate video was starting to look a little out-dated. Recently, we’ve employed a number of new staff and invested a significant capital sum in building a new DCA (Dynamically Controlled Atmosphere) store (circa £1m), installing a state-of-the-art aseptic puree plant (£400,000), upgrading the peeling room (£1.3m), significantly improving our IT capability and enhancing our IT security (£60,000); as well as a host of other improvements to the canteen, car park, signage and more.

Our video has a very distinctive style – it’s produced by a world class news journalist and cameraman team - making for a compelling presentation.

It was time to call them in again.

With the benefit of hindsight the previous video did seem to have a somewhat limited cast. That needed to change.

In our experience there’s no one better at describing a process, or being more passionate about it, than the person doing the work. So we asked Peeling Room supervisor Karolina to talk about our world-class Atlas peeling and coring machines and apple recovery; Product Development technician Ellie to present some of our latest innovations; Machine Operator Ron to wax lyrical about our tasty commercial fruit jams; Fruit Controller Frank to report on the new DCA stores and puree line operator Patrik to present our state-of-the-art aseptic puree plant.

We even persuaded our Operations Manager, Doug, to turn his best side to camera in the cause of our plump, juicy and delicious Plumptious vine fruit mincemeat.

Each new member of the cast was given only minutes to decide what they wanted to say and to rehearse it. Then it was straight to camera. And what stars they turned out to be: most of the ‘takes’ were right first time.

Despite the fact that none of the stars had been on camera before, they turned-in amazing performances, arguably contributing to our best video yet.

But there was also another, wholly unanticipated, effect.

They’d all risen to a challenge that took most of them well outside of their ‘comfort zones’. Not only had they overcome their natural fear and reticence, they’d had little time to prepare and yet had still absolutely and convincingly ‘nailed it.

The sense of pride was palpable as the first cut of the film was played. And it didn’t stop there. The cast members’ sense of worth in a job well-done escalated. They were praised by fellow workers, friends and colleagues. Their line managers commented on their performances.

The escalation of personal and company-wide motivation was stratospheric. There was huge corporate pride too, and that’s being reflected in the on-going business numbers.

Our video investment is relatively low compared to the impact that our stars and their colleagues have had on the business.

In fact, so great has the impact been that I’m thinking maybe we should make a new corporate video every month.


Phil Acock. Managing Director and Mad Scientist at Fourayes; the UK’s number one grower and processor of English Bramley apples and processor of fruits from the UK and across the globe.

The latest Fourayes video, and our new stars, can be viewed below:

An overview of Fourayes. Bramley apple orchards and fruit processing plant in Kent.

An overview of Fourayes. Bramley apple orchards and fruit processing plant in Kent.

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