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Nov 13, 2017

Great British Apple Day 20th October

Friday 20th October this year saw the first of a new annual celebration that goes by the name of  ‘Great British Apples Day’ .

It also saw the launch of a dynamic new campaign to support Great British apples – amongst the nation’s best-loved fruit.

Great British apples are naturally nutritious, crunchy and delicious – whether it’s a snack-on the go you’re looking for, or that unbeatable taste of an English Bramley apple pie, there’s a Great British apple for every occasion.

And talking of occasions, here’s the video of the new campaign launch – at the apple pop-up store near Covent Garden in London. Keep an eye out for Phil Acock, who was very pleased to speak at the event.

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The 'Great British Apples Day Launch' on the 20th October 2017 from Fourayes Fruit on Vimeo.

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