Orchard Innovations December 2014

Fourayes has invested just over £100,000 in a new 12 acre orchard by close planting Bramley apple trees. Each tree is attached to a stake and will be trained to grow upwards rather than outwards. It will make pruning and harvesting easier and will provide twice as much fruit per acre as traditional planting.

The investment comes after a 4 year experiment of close planting a smaller orchard, where the trees are now maturing. The yields are far greater than in older orchards where trees are planted further apart.

Fourayes’ Managing Director, Phil Acock, says “ It is a heavy investment but we know it will pay off. We will be able to use mechanical pruning in the new orchard, which will save money, and we also know we will getting a bigger yield once the trees mature.”

The ground for the trees has been prepared using mole drainage which means tunnels have been dug into the ground to prevent flooding.

Earlier this month Fourayes won Insider’s Made In The South East Award for Food and Drink 2014, fighting off competition from 150 of the best companies in the region.

Bramley apple orchard development at Fourayes Farm from Fourayes Fruit Processing on Vimeo.

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