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Fourayes has approximately 32 hectares of Bramley apple orchards, the youngest of which were planted in 2017. The oldest orchard was planted in 1984. We have 3 types of rootstock, most  are on M9 or M26. We also have a small area on M27. We use several varieties for pollination. Fourayes also has 3.2 hectares of Mondial Gala.

All the Bramley apples are used in our processing factory and a percentage are stored on site at 5% carbon dioxide and 1% oxygen, the rest go into other forms of staorage. Fourayes has won the award of "Bramley apples for long term storage" at the National Fruit show on numberous occassions.

The orchards are high up on the North Downs at 450 feet above sea level. Bramley apples respond very well to being grown at this height. The Bramley apple trees are pruned a little lighter than normal to obtain the size range of 70mm to 105mm.

Our first close-planted orchard (December 2008) is 1.2 hectares, or 3 acres, of Bramley on M9 rootstock. As seen on the BBC South East news, we have chosen the post wirework method of planting. Plant widths of 11ft by 3ft give plant density of 1,320 trees per acre instead of our previous planting of 14ft by 8ft with a density of 390 trees per acre; significantly increasing the yield per acre.

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